Are dorms in the future for McLennan Community College?

POSTED: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 1:48pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 3:23pm

Student enrollment is at record numbers for McLennan Community College in Waco. A new idea being discussed right now is whether or not dorms should be brought to the campus.

With the second highest enrollment numbers in McLennan Community College history, administrators are looking at the best ways to expand to meet students' needs.

"There is a lot more kids. I think we have about ten thousand students here, which is pretty big for a community college," said junior theater major, Tyler Wiley.

Right now, MCC President, Johnette McKown, says the college is doing their research to decide whether they should recommend adding dorms to the campus.

Some students, like Wiley, who has a 40 minute commute to school, like the idea.

"Dorms would definitely make it more convenient, make it easier to get to your classes on-time," said Wiley.

Others, say they wouldn't personally benefit from the housing, but feel it could help younger students.

"The youngsters that come from out of town, you know, they're away from home for the first time, it may be very convenient for them," said Denise Diggs, who is a grandmother and a sophomore student.

Administrators say the dorms could attract more international students and create the "full college experience". But, the biggest concern is whether it would it be cost-effective, especially with many students already living within just a 30 mile radius.

"There's always cost. There are responsibilities. We would have to have a financial model that really worked and we felt like was an enhancement for our community," said McKown.

"It could be cost effective, but I don't know that a lot of people would choose to stay in dorms at a community college," said junior student, Cody Melcer.

For now, the idea of dorms is just that, an idea. The college is also working on student retention rates, expanding science research, and offering more scholarships. If the college does feel their research supports the notion to add dorms, that idea would be presented before the school’s board in September.

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