7 Warning Signs You've Become a 'Crazy Shopper'

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 2:01pm

With anything in this world, there is a point of "going overboard." It can happen with eating chocolate cake, watching television, and even working. One of the largest fads that has jumped overboard for many people is shopping. Shopping can be a fun, enjoyable activity, but it can also turn into a nightmare.

Are you a "crazy shopper?" Here are some warning signs that you may have turned into a "crazy shopper":

  • You find an online coupon for 40 gallons of turnips (or picture something slightly more useful) that you will never use. You print it anyway and run to the store to buy them just because it is marked 40% off. Now you have to stop at the local lumberyard or home improvement store to purchase a metal shed to store the turnips you just bought. You just may be a "crazy shopper."

  • You camp out with your tent, cook stove and sleeping bag in front of the local department store to be the first customer to get in and purchase one of the 700 big screen televisions they have marked down to 1/2 price. The signs may be pointing at you as a "crazy shopper."

  • You have an online coupon for a gallon of milk from one grocery store and you have another online coupon for eggs from a different grocery store located 17 miles from the first store. You just must use those coupons, so you stop at the gas station and fill the car up and make the trip to also "save" on those eggs. Hmmm, "crazy shopper"?

  • You see the dress from afar. As you approach the stand the dress is displayed on, you see another woman take it and put it in her cart. It is the last dress of its style. The stalking begins. You follow this woman throughout the store awaiting that opportunity. The moment comes; she leaves her cart and strolls two aisles away. You quickly grab the dress and race away to the checkout stand. You didn't notice your priest saw the whole thing. Sermon this week will be on "crazy shoppers."

  • You have a special bag made that has compartments for each online coupon, each newspaper coupon and other shopping items. Nothing wrong with that, but you just bought a candy bar for $1.10 and you are positive you have an online coupon for five cents off. You dig through that bag in the line with 12 people behind you. You cannot find it, but you are positive. When the cashier looks at her watch, it has taken you ten minutes searching for a five cent coupon that you still cannot find. You decide to put the candy bar back, forcing the cashier to delete it from the order. You are the talk of the store for the rest of the day. "Crazy shopper" in the store they claim.

Yes, it may be time to get some help if you have committed any of these "crazy shopper" actions. You may need to attend some Shopper's Anonymous meetings.

Don't let this article take you away from using coupons. Coupons can help you financially, just be wise in how you use them. You can find and hang on to many a great online coupon that can help you save a lot. Just be wise and think before purchasing. Don't be a "crazy shopper."


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