Photo Shoots: Getting the Right Shot for a Real Estate Listing

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 8:58am

For photo shoots, generally, a simple, straightforward approach works best. Here is some advice on how to consistently produce solid footage during your real estate or bachelor degree in interior design studies. 

Size Up The Room Before Positioning The Camera
This may sound almost too obvious to mention, but it's absolutely essential to find the best position in the room from which to photograph. You'll have to be careful when shooting towards a window because this can create major lighting issues. Find an angle that captures the natural flow of the space. Ideally, you will need to accentuate spaciousness and avoid any impressions of constriction as much as possible. 

Highlight The Best Rooms
You can't include everything, so focus on the best selling features of the home. Bathrooms can be tricky, because there isn't much space to move and there are limited angles. They're usually an important aspect of a home so when shooting a bathroom, be sure to avoid pointing the camera anywhere it can be seen on reflective surfaces and watch out for harsh lighting.

Alternate Your Shooting Angle
One of the things you will learn, as you
work toward your bachelor degree in interior design, is that changing the shooting angle is a great method for capturing the character of a room and achieving variety that adds visual interest.

Generally speaking, this technique is reserved for photographing with a tripod. When purchasing a tripod, be aware that some have much more range to raise or lower the camera than others. An eye-level setting is standard and comes closest to replicating the view you get during an in-person walk-through. When in doubt, this is your safest option.

However, elevating your shooting angle you can capture an overview of the room. This works very well if you have staged a table setting, or you're trying to regulate the perceived space when photographing a room with vaulted ceilings. A low camera angle, on the other hand, can also help you regulate the perceived space and help you to capture details within a room. 

Foreground Most Fetching Elements First
In your final presentation, remember this: In the Real Estate trade, as with almost anything in life, first impressions are lasting ones. Think of this as you progress through your photo shoot. You won't have another chance at a first impression, so start your project with the end "product" in mind.

As you grow and expand your photography skills and many other conceptual capabilities during your coursework towards a bachelor degree in interior design, you will be able to move towards creating a more refined finished product that looks professional, and rewards you with a greater sense of accomplishment. This journey towards an increasing satisfaction for what you create knows no boundaries or spatial limitations.


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