Would the World Be Better Without Any Disagreement?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 12:35pm

At first blush, it would seem that the world would be a far better place if there were no disagreements. Without disagreement there would be no armed conflicts, and while a world at peace is a worthwhile and obtainable goal, a world without any disagreement is neither worthwhile nor obtainable 

Disagreement serves is the engine of learning. Imagine if there was no disagreement with the pronouncement that the world was flat. Columbus would’ve stayed home, North and South America would remain inhabited only by indigenous people and Europe and Asia by now would be terribly overcrowded.

Moreover, so long as humans have free will, there will be disagreements. That said, civilizations across the world have created a peaceful means for resolving disagreements. At the international level there is the United Nations and the World Court. At a more local level national and state or provincial governments maintain a judicial system. In the world of business, disputes in the workplace are often resolved by a member of the human resources department, while folks who have disagreements in their personal lives often seek help from someone with a human services degree.

It is expected that the human services industry will grow faster than ever before over the next 10 years. To keep up with this anticipated demand, the human services industry will need more providers than ever including:
- Social workers
- Mental health professionals
- Counselors

To prepare for a degree in human services, schools offer a wide variety of human services credentials including bachelor degrees in sociology, psychology and behavioral science. Advanced degrees are available too, such as a Masters in Human Services or Clinical Counseling. These degrees can be obtained by going to a regular bricks and mortar school, by taking all required courses online or a combination of the two. 

Many human service degree programs require completion of an internship. Both bricks and mortar and online programs will assist students in internship placements. In addition, both types of programs usually offer after graduation placement services.

Additionally, human service degree programs normally will assist students in obtaining financial assistance, including Pell Grants, scholarships and student loans. Students of human service degree programs have a wide choice of employment opportunities. For example, they can open a private practice for counseling individuals and couples. They can work for a human services organization that provides counseling services to those in need. Folks who go on for an advanced human services degree have an opportunity to work in management of human service organizations. And, of course, bachelor and masters degree holders can find employment in the public sector, including schools, mental health centers, adoptive services and corrections.

Nearly everyone’s life is filled with conflict and disagreement. Those with a human services degree for perform vitally needed services to help mitigate disagreements can affect each person’s life. 


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