Blood donations needed during holidays in Central Texas

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 3:04pm

When you think of heroes, do you consider the ones living here in your own community?

Every day, hundreds of people donate blood to save countless others' lives. And, this holiday season, those donations are more crucial than ever.

Waco blood donor, Gayle Blackman, disagrees with the notion that donating blood is an act of heroism.

"No, not a hero," said Blackman.

However, others, like Carter Blood Care of Waco’s Manager of Operations, Kristin McGinty, disagree. She considers donors to be modern day superheroes.

"Because every single time you donate blood, you save up to three adults or six babies,” said McGinty.
Giving blood is not only heroic, but also necessary, especially around the holidays.

"People are traveling and in a hurry and, you know, there's possible wrecks. You just want to be able to help someone if they need it," said Blackman.
"People sometimes will schedule elective surgeries because they have time off from work," said McGinty.
Carter Blood Care says 1,200 donations are needed in Central Texas, on a daily basis, just to meet the needs of the local hospitals. Schools typically make up 25-percent of these donations. So, with everyone out on break, it takes generous donors to help meet the needs of the community.

"I just value people and their lives. And, it just feels good to be able to help," said Blackman.

Donations are accepted Monday through Saturday, every week.

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