Cheaper gas prices, will they last?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 1:24pm

Cheaper gas may have you traveling more for the holidays, since prices have posted their biggest drop, since 2008, over the past two weeks.

In Waco, gas can be found as cheap as $3.06 per gallon. But, the question is--will those prices stay?

Gas prices have been on a steady decline for the fourth month this year. On average, gas costs $3.21 in Texas. That's roughly 28 cents cheaper than the national average of $3.49 a gallon.

"Now, you can travel and everything and get on the highway now that the gas prices are going down," said Whitney Jackson of Waco.

With gas prices as high as they've been in recent months, Central Texans are happy see cheaper prices at the pump.

David Gonzales says he spends 50-dollars a day to put gas in his work van. It's a lot, just to run his flooring business. But, for him, a penny saved is a penny earned.

"We go everywhere, you know. We work in Killeen, Temple, everywhere," said Gonzales.

Although prices look favorable now, reports caution that the relief may not last too long. Oil prices rose Monday--leaving gas prices hanging in the balance until the days after the election.

"They got plenty of oil. they can come down on it if they wanted," said Garry Jackson, who has to spend 30-dollars each time he has to fill up.

"I think a change in leadership is what we need," said truck driver David Edwards.

Nevertheless, drivers remain hopeful gas prices will continue to decline as the holidays approach.

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