Wooded Crest revs up Christmas light tradition

Two families go back almost 50 years

Thursday, December 6, 2012 - 7:17pm

Putting up Christmas lights is a tradition for many central Texas families.

But for one Waco man, decorating his house during the holidays is a birthright.

For nearly 50 years the Chapman family and the rest of the homeowners on Wooded Crest Drive in Woodway literally bring Christmas to light.

If you take a turn onto Wooded Crest during the daytime you'll see a typical suburban community.

Take that same turn at night and the once ordinary street turns extraordinary

On Wednesday night Dustin Chapman and his nephew Dylan were installing lighted presents under a Christmas Tree in their front

Doing this even though Dustin already has some 40,000 lights set up.

He and his brother Kyle, who lives across the street, have been decorating the same house since the sixties.

Their father started the tradition but passed away almost two years ago.

"He was just somebody who loved doing the Christmas lights. I'd come up with something and we would would work on it together," said Dustin.

George Green and his wife, Nettie, were putting up decorations too. They moved into the neighborhood in 1965.

"Oh yeah, the Chapmans are real good neighbors," said Green. "I've known the boys since they were born."

"Mr. and Mrs. Green over there have been decorating for as long as we have," said Chapman.

"George always come up with something new each year to do and he enjoys it as much as i do."

standup - "all of dustin's electronics are hooked up to this one breaker box and with a flip of a switch,
his front yard turns into a magical wonder land."

Chapman's front yard is scattered with electric cords and extensions.

"I normally start right around Thanksgiving and the project tends to take about 10 to 14 days working four or five hours each night," said Chapman.

"My favorite are the santas going up on the roof. I made those out of plywood and drilled holes in them."

You may be wandering what Dustin's electric bill is.

"It will probably go from about 200-250 a month to about 600-650. Do it basically triples for
the month of December," said Chapman with a slight smirk or his face.

But Dustin says its worth it.

"It's a good way of giving back," said Chapman. "When you see people drive by and see the looks on their faces, and smiles on the kids faces, it all makes it worth it."

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