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Adoption day gives 22 children their forever homes

POSTED: Friday, November 18, 2011 - 5:07pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

Baylor law school was buzzing with excitement as it hosted the fourth annual McLennan County Adoption Day.

"It's a celebration, it's a celebration for the families, it's a celebration of new beginnings for the kids," Morris Brown, program director for Arrow Child and Family Ministries in Waco said. 

A new beginning for children taken out of unfit homes and Judge Coley, who often decides if a child will be removed says it's worth it when these children find a new home.

"You really get to know them and appreciate the fact that what they want more than anything, as all kids do, is to be loved and to be in a home that loves them and cares for them and protects them. You can't even put how rewarding it is in words to get to see that come together today," Judge Coley said.  

Up to 11,000 children are legally available for adoption in Texas, but less than 5,000 were adopted this last fiscal year and finding foster families is one of the biggest challenges.

"There's also this huge need for foster homes...recruiting good foster families and adoptive families who really are willing to open up their homes to the children," Brown said. 

Like the Wachsmann family, who began fostering after working through personal turmoil.

"We've had our own children, we've had three different ones and as soon as I have them they pass away. S we decided that we were going to grow our family one way of the other and we prayed about it and really felt like God said that it was going to be through foster to adopt right now," Brianne Wachsmann said.

Today the Wachsmann's completed their second adoption with 11 other families and 22 children.

Nearly 170 children in McLennan county must be relocated because there aren't enough foster families here.

But today, as children were legally adopted into their forever homes, it was a time to celebrate.

"Tears me up every time, I haven't missed one in years It's just a wonderful time, it's a wonderful time in these kids lives for them and a lot of them are so young they don't even understand the blessing that they have just received by being adopted into some of these wonderful families" Brown said.


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