Back to school safety tips

POSTED: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 4:24pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

COLLEGE STATION -- The summer is winding down and there are only six days left until the new school year starts, which means a lot of nerves, excitement and fear.

But one very important thing to remember is how to keep your kids safe walking to and from the bus stop.

When the world heard the news of the 8 year-old Brooklyn boy, who was murdered by a stranger he encountered on his way home from camp, has many parents worried the same thing could happen to their own kids.

"It's scary. It's like every day, I have 12 grandkids and every day that these kids have to go to school, it scares me. I'm like ok, are they going to come home today?" said one grandmother, Robbie Johnson.

But so often, walking home is the only option so Officer Seaton says parents need to start planning now

"Kids learn best whenever they do something, rather than whenever a parent shows them the way so actually walk the route with them a couple of times and then let them lead the way," said Officer Seaton.

Every day 2,100 missing children's reports are filed and that number is terrifying for parents.

"I'm always scared my babies are going to get taken from me so I pray for them every night to have a safe trip to school and back home," said mother, Samantha Martinez.

Officer Seaton says if your child has to walk to school, never let them walk alone. Use the buddy system because a predator is less likely to abduct a child from a group.

"They don't want witnesses and so the buddy system is perfect," said Seaton.

"Somebody should be with them you know because that's what people are scoping out and first time they find someone, they're gone," Johnson said.

Walking home from school can be safe so long as your child knows what to do if a stranger ever approaches them.

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