College Station named top ten university towns with the worst food

POSTED: Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 3:46pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

COLLEGE STATION -- A lot of Aggies will tell you that College Station is a great place to live.

Even Southern Living magazine agrees, naming it one of the best college towns in the U.S. but now a restaurant review website says it's one of the worst places to eat.

According to, College Station is one of the top ten university towns with the worst food but if you ask any local restaurant owner they'd have to disagree.

Paul Bonarrigo, owner and winemaker of Messina Hof Winery says, "It's offensive to think that the great cities of Bryan and College Station don't have great culinary, great cuisine and it's unfortunate that people take a very one sided look and don't see the whole picture."

With more than 20 locally owned and independent restaurants you can find a wide variety of cuisine to choose from but said College Station only offers "its residents an unceasing menu of chains."

"You know in any town if you spend your time on the main thoroughfare you're going to see a lot of chains than you do independent and cool restaurants," said, Wade Beckman, owner of Shipwreck Grill.

Even college students find's ratings surprising.

"Yes there are chains but there are also like business-owned things that are around here and there are just so many different options to eat every night, there really are. We didn't get a meal plan because we know there are so many options around," said Alyssa Dempsey.

Options that both Beckman and Bonarrigo want the food reviewers to come back and try.

"20 years ago in Bryan-College Station the restaurant of the year was McDonald's so you would think that 20 years ago an article like this would have been appropriate and I think 20 years ago it probably would have been appropriate. So what we can say is that is 20 years too late," Bonarrigo said.

"They really missed the boat, you know pun intended," said Beckman.


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