Courthouse break-in shakes up workers

POSTED: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 6:07pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:53am

WACO -- Caught on camera, a man breaking into the Waco Courthouse this week and staying in the building for hours after vandalizing the Mental Health Office.

Now, Sheriff Lynch says security upgrades must be made.

Shaken workers for the Mental Health Office at the courthouse say they were shocked when they saw what happened, and security says it was unusual to see what 35-year-old Sean McGuire did.

 "It didn't really surprise me to see stuff like that because I've seen it done to people's houses. It's just kind of different when you're getting to watch it on a video tape of somebody doing it. Most the time you don't get that," said Sgt. William Gorham at the McLennan County Courthouse.

He says District Attorney Abel Reyna found a pair of jeans and a watch when he came in Sunday morning and then called police.

After reviewing the cameras, police say McGuire can be seen breaking in Sunday around 5 a.m.

Surveillance video shows McGuire breaking out the second floor door, walking through the courthouse and using this sign to smash out the Mental Health Office window and then destroying the office.

McGuire even urinated over the balcony.

He was in the building for quite some time until about 1 in the afternoon Sunday, and Sheriff Larry Lynch says that raises some concerns.

More security officers were already added to the courthouse in response to more people coming in and out throughout the day.

"When we would need it most, we knew we would have things come up such as jury duty which is usually every Monday or when large cases come up," said Sgt. Gorham.

Now, officials will be looking to add security measures when the building is closed.

Right now, the building has alarms, but they don't notify police when they go off.

Sheriff Lynch says it's up to Commissioners Court now, but they need better alarms to protect the building when no one is there.


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