Decreasing gas prices

POSTED: Friday, August 19, 2011 - 3:49pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

BRYAN -- Gas prices have been all over the map lately and while none of us enjoyed paying almost $4 a gallon earlier this summer, it seems like things are finally turning around in a cheaper direction.

Filling up your car is unavoidable and admit it, we all hate doing it but gas is something we can't live without.

"You have to sacrifice something. Something has to go. You can't do movies or dinners because you have to put gas in your car or truck," said Roderick Hill. 

And while gas is still almost a dollar more than what we were paying this time last year, prices are decreasing.

Gas is 11 cents cheaper than it was last month.

"This week in Texas we're seeing a statewide average of $3.48 and the national average is $3.58 so in the national picture we are a good ten cents below the national average," said Sarah Schimmer, with Texas AAA.

But for drivers like Hill, he still thinks we're paying too much at the pump.

"They are too high. You see the truck I'm driving? It's about $100.00 just to fill up," Hill said.

And he's not alone. Jonathan Fava also drives a truck and says it costs him around a $100.00 too.

"I'm actually driving my mom's car today because it's cheaper to fill up on gas. To fill it up was $45.00," Fava said.

But there's good news for the future. Oil trading is around $85.00 a barrel, meaning consumers could see an even bigger price decrease.

Schimmer said, "It does take a little while for the refining process, the distribution process to then get down to the retail level."

And Hill can't wait to see cheaper prices.

"Yeah, it's good news. I have to drive kids to school and drive to work myself so it's going to be a help."


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