Domestic violence increases with heat

POSTED: Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - 3:20pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

WACO -- This weather isn't the only thing over-heated.

The scorching sun can trigger more problems at home.

Confirmed domestic violence cases have jumped from 209 last June to 223 cases this June.

Kathy Reid, Executive Director of the Family Abuse Center, said heat can influence violent acts.

"Any little thing can set off maybe a violent husband and what we're hearing right now is a lot of, a lot of those triggers are around the heat," said Reid.

Sgt. Chad Ashworth works for the Family Violence Unit and says the last few months have been very active.

"We have seen quite a bit of a, a rise in family violence. especially in these last few months. I mean just the heat and everything," said Ashworth.

Reid said this summer is bringing in more clients, keeping both the abuse center and the police very busy.

"What we see is our numbers are high and they're building and we don't expect them to drop at all this month I would imagine that this is the low point for us between now and Christmas and it's higher than normal," said Reid.

"It's, it's been pretty, like I said the number of calls, have just been unbelievable. It could be up to 22 cases we get on Monday morning," said Ashworth.

There were 519 domestic violence calls just in the month of June, and a number like that means space at local abuse centers, suddenly becomes an issue.

"Two families have to share a room and if they each have multiple children then that's a lot of kids in a room and thats two families on one bathroom or sometimes three families sometimes using one bathroom," said Reid.

Reid said the record high numbers, while devastating, doesn't mean there isn't hope for the victims.

"We do hear just horrible things that you think should never happen to a human being but we also see huge successes and wonderful stories of resilient children and women,"said Reid.


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