Drivers feel the pressure as gas prices surge in Central Texas

POSTED: Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 4:53pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:53am

WACO --  Drivers are digging in their wallets this Winter, this time it's for gas. As you can expect, a lot of people are concerned over the increasingly higher gas prices at the pump. They're going up all over the country, and Central Texas is no exception.

AAA Texas says gas prices jumped to $2.91 last week. That's the highest they've been in three years when the price for regular unleaded was $2.93.

Andy Rathsack drove through Waco from Illinois,  and says it's not the worst he's seen.

"Mo. is probably the best, Okla. next,  but I think the cheapest we paid was $2.79. I think when we left home it was right around $3," said Rathsack.

The average gas price for Waco was $2.54, but that was six months ago.

Now, drivers are paying close to $3 for regular fuel.

Fox 44 went out to see what prices are out there. The highest we found was $2.95. 

Taylor Madden is traveling from College Station. After searching for a place to fill up with a lower gas price, he paid nearly $50 to fill up his tank. That was just one way.

"It's just tough if you want to go home over the break or something, you just plan on spending money. Just lower and lower prices that's all i want," said Madden.

The lowest price we found Tuesday in Waco was at $2.85.

AAA says the increase in the price of crude oil is to blame, but Market Watch showed crude oil below $90 a barrel Tuesday morning.

To watch gas prices in your area, click here.


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