Election coverage: Edwards weighs in

POSTED: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 - 2:36pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:53am

As election day approaches, candidates are making sure to get their last words in before November. We talked to Congressman Chet Edwards to see what he is doing to keep his seat.

Congressman Edwards says the biggest issue in Central Texas is jobs: creating them and keeping them. "Now that we're out of the recession, even though we are struggling, I think it's important to show a long term balanced budget plan," says Edwards. "That's awfully important for a country when you look at the long run."

Edwards says he has helped create or save over 8,000 jobs in the district. He thinks the next step to job creation is to help our small businesses so they can hire again. Edwards tells Fox 44, "If Congress will show the community a responsible deficit reduction plan over the next several years, I think we can build the confidence in our economy that can build private sectors jobs and get this country moving forward again."

This week's Gallup Poll of likely midterm voters shows Republicans leading the vote with 46 percent of the vote and Democrats with 43 percent of the vote. We asked Edwards why the people should keep a Democrat in office this midterm. He responded, "I think the kind of independent record I've had, willing to say no to Democrats on health care and cap and trade, and willing to say no to Republicans in Washington on privatizing medicare and social security, is the kind of independence Republicans, Independents and Democrats in our district want."

Flores was not available to talk with us today. Next on the campaign for Edwards, he will be at his headquarters in Waco tomorrow rallying for support for the election. Don't forget, the day to vote is Nov. 2nd.


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