Fort Hood arrest worries locals and military wives

POSTED: Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 6:51pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

FORT HOOD -- It's what could have been the second attack on Fort Hood in less than two years.

On Tuesday a tip from a Killeen gun shop employee led the arrest of a U.S. soldier planning to attack the military base.

Whitney Buckley, whose husband is coming back from the war overseas said terror at home is the last thing our soldiers need.

"My husband is fixing to come home from a deployment possibly within the next two to three weeks and you know something like that I really hope that he doesn't have to come home to things like that. He's just been around it for the past year and I just want him to come home and and not feel stressed out and to be able to feel safe when he's back at our house," said Buckley

It was an arrest that scared not only people living in Killeen but people all across the country.

U.S. soldier Nasser Jason Abdo was arrested after Greg Ebert a local gun dealer tipped Killeen police about Abdo's suspicious behavior while shopping for components in explosives.

"Puts the powder on the counter and then asks, 'what is smokeless powder?' Well, that's a red flag to me. If you don't know what it is, why in God's name are you buying six pounds of it?" said Ebert.

Police received the tip on Tuesday and arrested Abdo Wednesday at America's Best Value Inn on South Fort Hood St., just a few blocks from the Fort Hood base. One of the areas police say is believed to be the target of the attack.

"Military personnel were the target of this suspect," said Killeen Police Chief Dennis Baldwin.

The FBI said while searching Abdo's motel room they found firearms and smokeless gun powder.

Representative John Carter confirmed that after questioning Abdo admitted his plan to attack Fort Hood.

An unsettling thought to locals in the area.

In Killeen and around Fort Hood, the reaction is pretty much what you would expect. People are shocked at this possibility and most of all just concerned for our military men.

"I'm really kind of concerned with that for our safety because we are supposed to be protected by those members of the community," said Raffinee, a Killeen resident.

Paula Lewis, a military wife, agreed.

"I think it's crazy. My husband's in the military and, I think that if anything ever happened to him I'd go insane," said Lewis.


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