Heisman win boosts more than Griffin's recognition

POSTED: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 3:18pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

WACO -- It's been three days since RG3's Heisman win, but the news is still buzzing around Central Texas.

"Everybody's sort of basking in the reflective glow of that Heisman Trophy because it's such a big deal and so much positive attention, uh, nationally even on Baylor and Baylor athletics," said John Morris, Assistant Athletic Director and "Voice of the Baylor Bears."

"You go to work and that's all people want to talk about is RG3, the Alamo Bowl, ticket sales, making plans. Where do you buy your next T-shirt? Whose got this hot shirt," said Steve Smith, Senior Vice President Sports and Special Events, Greater Waco Chamber.

But T-shirts won't be the only thing sold at Baylor.

"It's a huge boost for recruiting because you better believe that, high school guys out there and even younger, they now know the name of Robert Griffin the third and they now know Baylor," said Morris.

And that recognition can only help the local economy.

"You've got retailers who are ordering Baylor items who normally wouldn't have ordered them, because they're selling like hot cakes. You've got traditional T-shirt vendors who are doubling and tripling their orders," said Smith.

Smith said all this momentum takes the idea of a new stadium one stop closer to becoming reality.

"You've got developers calling Waco. Before, it was like all right we have these plans, but nobody is going to jump out there until something really significant happens. The announcement of that stadium, now changes everything up and down the river as far as development," said Smith.


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