Keep your home, car safe from crime this holiday season

POSTED: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 - 4:06pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

During the holidays spirits are lifted and donations are greater, but those aren't the only things up this season.

"There is an increase in crime. You'll see a lot of thefts, you'll see a lot of shop lifting, you'll see a lot of robberies that occur because everyone's just trying to find an easy way to get an easy buck to be able to afford Christmas," Waco Crime Prevention Specialist Estrella Lopez said.

But Waco police offer a few new ways of keeping your home and car safe this season. Starting with Vacation Holiday House Check if you're going out of town.

"They check the residence on a daily basis to make sure there's anything out of the ordinary, there's no signs of break in and anything like that. so they check the premise, they don't just drive by, they actually check the house itself," Lopez said.

Also the anti-burglary of motor vehicle program which goes beyond the usual "take, hide, and lock."

"We'll go out to shopping centers, restaurants, any type of parking lot and we'll actually walk the parking lot, look at the vehicles itself to see what we can see that's visibly left of value," Lopez said.

That's why when officers patrol a parking lot, they'll leave a note if they see valuables inside informing you of your chance of being broken into.

But police say the break ins,especially in homes, begin with scammers.

"Particularly you want to be careful of solicitors. They try to get their foot in to the door, just to see what you have," Lopez said. 

And after the presents are unwrapped be careful with the boxes of higher priced items like TV's.

"Tear down the box itself and then put it inside a trash bag to disclose whatever you may have received. You don't want to advertise to anyone out there the new items you now have in your home," Lopez said. 


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