Killeen City Council votes to give City Manager $750,000

POSTED: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 4:04pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

KILLEEN -- Tuesday night, Killeen City Council voted to give City Manager, Connie Green, $750,000 to leave his position.

This after Green put in his resignation, but they city wouldn't say why.

Green took the money and will leave immediately, but he wasn't happy about it, calling out the city council for illegal activity.

Green and dozens of his supporters had to wait hours to get answers after the council closed what was supposed to be an open meeting.

When the council finally came out, they announced they would give him $750,000 to leave immediately.

"I think it's pathetic that they would pay that much tax payers money just to get the position. It's about the position," said Green.

The council voted 4-3 in favor of paying off Green. 

Against the settlement was Council members Billy Workman, Juan River and Councilman At-Large, Larry Cole.

Voting to give green the settlement, Council members JoAnn Purser, Kenny Wells, Ernest Wilkerson and Mayor Pro-Tem Scott Cosper.

Councilman Workman was not in favor of letting Green go and made that clear by calling on citizens of Killeen to keep those in check who voted to give the settlement.

"They need your [citizens'] money to run this city, and I'm ashamed."

Green says this started when he called out the council for breaking the law. He says council members weren't properly informing the public of certain meetings and were interfering in city staff decisions.

"These things were going on. They were making it impossible for me to do my job as the Killeen City Manager. I brought that with good intentions to the council, and as a result of it, I lost my job."

Councilman Workman says Green was standing up for the people and taxpayer money shouldn't be used to get rid of a person who did nothing wrong.

"Mr. Green brought wealth to this community. They [the citizens] are saddened by the dollars and cents, but that's not his control. It's the council's control."

Councilman Ernest Wilkerson says he tried to keep Green but voted for the settlement because he felt both parties need to move on.

Wilkerson did tell Fox 44 this was all started with Larry Cole having problems with Green and Cole wanted him gone.

"He forced us to make a decision on his termination, and in my opinion, he is entitled to his contract and nothing more," said Cole.

Cole didn't return calls on why or if he wanted Green to leave, and other members say they can't say what Green did wrong because it was discussed in a closed meeting.

As of now, Assistant City Manager, Glenn Morrison, is serving as Interim City Manager until the council hires a new one.


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