Lawmakers propose four day school weeks to save money

POSTED: Monday, April 18, 2011 - 6:22pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

WACO -- Texas lawmakers are still looking for ways to cut school budgets. One of the solutions they're considering is going from a five day school week to a four day school week.

Which means big changes for kids, teachers and their parents.

Some are for it. Others, like the Dean of Baylor's School of Education, John Englehardt, say it's the wrong direction.

"We continue to increase the amount of accountability on our schools, and this seems like absolutely the opposite direction from those standards that are put in place for accountability," said Englehardt.

The new bill would give schools a choice to have school four days a week  to save on custodial costs, but it would also add 90 more minutes to each day.

Veteran teacher, Cathy Tipton, says keeping student's attention all day will be difficult.

"We would just have to adapt our day and make sure that we had plenty of activities that they were involved in in moving and active instead of just sitting. Which, they don't just sit now," said Tipton.

However, Tipton likes the idea of a four day week for teachers.

"I think we would get used to the extra time. My main concern is what the kids will be doing on that extra day because I think that's going to a be a burden on parents," said Tipton. 

Waco ISD's Dale Caffey says they won't be doing it for that reason.

"You're talking about a community where we have a lot of parents that work. Both the mom and the dad. So it would be very inconvenient, I believe, to have the student off on a Monday or a Friday," said Caffey.

The four day week wouldn't be mandatory under the new bill authored by Rep. Ryan Guillen, but it is waiting for review in the Public Education Committee.


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