Losing weight: a New Year's resolution

POSTED: Tuesday, January 3, 2012 - 3:47pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

COLLEGE STATION -- New Year's resolutions, admit it most of us all make them but do we really stick to them?

Year after year working out and losing weight always seems to be at the top of everyone's list so Fox 28's Lauren Holman went to a gym today to find out how you can stay on track to get fit and lose those unwanted pounds.

According to a new NPR poll almost 60-percent of people surveyed picked loosing weight as their number one goal for the new year and almost fifty-percent of those people wanted to drop between 10 and 29 pounds.

"Everybody's got to start somewhere and one step is better than sitting on the couch or one time around the block is better than nothing and incrementally increasing it a little each time but you've got to get started," said gym member, Erin Stutts.

Brad Tillery, owner of BCS Fitness, says his business sky-rockets this time of year, every year.

"Once a new year starts it kind of gives people hope that ok it's a new year, I can start all over and get into a fitness routine and make some positive changes that will help me succeed in the new year."

But studies show a majority of people will drop their gym habit before January is even over. So to succeed in the long-run, Tillery says your goal needs to be less about losing weight and more about living a healthier lifestyle.

"It's real frustrating when your goal is set on a specific number on the scale and so if that doesn't happen you feel like a failure, you want to quit and so you just sabotage yourself but if you focus on things you can control, your success is going to be that much greater," Tillery said.

And Erin Stutts says accountability is key to changing your ways.

"Staying on track and realizing it's about life and it's more than just a number or more than just a race or being able to lift so much, you know, it's a lifestyle."


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