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Man arrested after trying to run over Waco officer

POSTED: Monday, October 31, 2011 - 11:44am
UPDATED: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 1:38pm

Waco Officers responded to a loud party call in the 3400 block of Medallion on Sunday morning at 2:36 am. Officers were responding to the party for the third time. They were interviewing several persons who were intoxicated and trying to get into a vehicle and leave. Inside the vehicle one female appeared to be passed out and two others a male and a female were in the backseat. Officers were attempting to get identification from them as they all appeared to have been drinking and underage.

Officers took the 18 year old female in the backseat into custody for investigation of underage drinking and placed her in a police vehicle. As they were doing this the backseat passenger, 21 year old w/m Andrew Paul Aleman, jumped over the seat and into the front of the 2007 Lincoln. Aleman locked the vehicles doors so as officers could not get in and sped away with the passed out female still in the front seat.

Officer Carpenter was in front of the Lincoln as Aleman was speeding away and due to the numerous cars lining the street the Officer had no where to go. Officer Carpenter, fearing for his life, fired a round at the car striking the grill of the vehicle. This caused Aleman to veer away from Officer Carpenter and then crash into a parked SUV on Kenwood Drive. Neither Aleman nor the female, who had been passed out in the vehicle prior to Aleman fleeing, were injured by the shot the officer fired.

Andrew Paul Aleman was taken into custody and charged with attempted capital murder and driving while intoxicated.

From Waco Police Department


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Biggest load of crap the officer could of jumped on a hood and the cars wouldt be so close that he couldt fit through and should not of fired

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