Students support bill to legalize concealed handguns on campus

POSTED: Friday, January 21, 2011 - 12:05pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:53am

COLLEGE STATION -- It's a topic that keeps coming up in Texas: should concealed guns should be allowed on college campuses?

Now, the legislature is considering the question again, and one group of Texas A&M students say it's time to do it.

After a gunman runs through University of Texas campus firing a gun, and then finally killing himself last fall, the debate was on.

It's a sensitive topic for some like one student against concealed guns on campus, Lauren Jackson.

"I wouldn't feel safe as I do now," said Jackson.

Gov. Perry said he thinks it could be used to stop incidents like what happened at UT.

Students for concealed-carry on campus say they're allowed to carry them other public places, why not school?

"When people can carry legally, then you wont know who has a gun and who doesn't, but you'll know that the law abiding citizens do have guns so that they can stop people who are carrying illegally and want to do harm," said Vice Chairman for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, Chase Jennings.

Some state legislators agree, prompting bills that would allow students to carry guns on campus, but some students say it's a bad idea.

"A person could say they're having a gun for protection but have other motives with the gun. So, they could have motives to commit suicide or hurt other people who are on the campus," said Jackson.

This group of nearly 2,000 A&M students call the gun the "great equalizer" and say being able to legally carry on campus wont cause more shootings.

"Concealed carry isn't going to change that at all because if they're going to be law breakers by using their weapon to kill somebody, they're going to be lawbreakers now anyway. They're not going to go through processes to get a CHL to go and commit a crime like that," said Jennings.

Rep. David Simpson from Longview and San Antonio Sen. Jeff Wentworth have already filed bills to legalize concealed carry on campus.

The student group has planned some trips to Austin to speak with law makers and rally to show their support for the bill.


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