UPDATE: Baylor's LaceDarious Dunn's girlfriend says injury was an accident

POSTED: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 3:30pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:53am

New details on the case of LaceDarious Dunn. He's a Baylor basketball star who reportedly punched his girlfriend in the jaw. After that reported incident on September 27th, he was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault, Family Violence for breaking her jaw.

Now, new details have emerged. His girlfriend is saying it's all a big misunderstanding. LacharlesLa Edwards is star player LaceDarious Dunn's girlfriend. Just yesterday, police arrested the Baylor Bears player on charges he punched the 21-year-old woman. Now her lawyer says it's all a big mistake.

"Talking to her, basically it was an accident. They were still talking, she grabbed him and kind of pulled him towards herself, and she said, basically at that point, he was trying to get away or something," says Jason Darling, Edwards' attorney. "During that time, she got struck in the mouth. She doesn't believe it was an open punch or anything of that nature, but she did get struck in the face."

The arrest warrant affidavit says officers arrived at Hillcrest Hospital where Edwards was taken after being punched in the jaw.

Sergeant Roseborough with the Waco Police Department said, "Whenever we got out there, officers interviewed his girlfriend and found that she had a broken jaw. According to her at the time, she and Mr. Dunn had gotten into an argument and he punched her one time in the face."

Police say she was given emergency surgery to fix her injury. Doctors say two plates with screws were used to repair her jaw. Doctor Randall Smith told police that to break both sides of her jaw, she had been hit extremely hard.

But not according to Edwards' attorney. "My understanding from her and her release from the hospital, the the ER should have released her that night with pain medicine, and they could have done the procedure the next day as a day surgery," explains Darling. "So, there really wasn't a need for an overnight stay or anything like that, but they kind of over reacted and did that procedure so it sounds severe, but in her opinion, it's really not that severe."

Edwards who is also the mother of Dunn's son released this statement to us:

"My family and I are deeply disturbed about the misinformation and half truths that are being reported by media regarding the incident with my boyfriend (LaceDarious Dunn). He has never struck me during our long term relationship. What happened on the night of September 27 was an accident and I went to the hospital for precautionary reasons. I never expressed any interest in pressing charges nor will I in the future press charges on this incident. I am fine and my jaw is not broken as is being reported. My family and I wish to put this situation behind us. Lace and I will continue our relationship and raising our son in a good environment. I respectfully request that the District Attorney's Office dismiss these charges, and further request that Baylor University lift their suspension."

We spoke to Dunn's attorney. They're hoping the incident will be ruled an accident. At worst, making it a misdemeanor-- avoiding second degree felony which has a potential prison term of up to 20 years.

Dunn has been indefinitely suspended from Baylor's basketball team. He is attending classes. It is up to Baylor's Judicial Affairs to decide what will happen to him in regards to school. No word on a court date for Dunn yet.


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