Uptick in robberies has Baylor community on high alert

POSTED: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - 3:43pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

WACO -- Baylor students have more than final exams on their minds.

Since October 15 there has been a series of robberies on the West side of campus where a lot of students live.

"It's kind of scary living off campus this year and since there's so many of them that keep happening it just gets scarier," said Baylor student Michelle Solomon.

"It kind of is just because it's so frequent but most of the time its not student housing, it's mostly like the apartments and stuff," said another Baylor student Hunter Seale.

Just last night a student was robbed at gunpoint at the intersection of South 12th Street and Bagby Avenue and the suspect is still on the loose.

A red flag for Common Grounds Coffee House Manager Blake Batson, whose business is near those off-campus apartments.

"Anytime that happens and it's near people that work for you and people that come in and you manage that business, it's going to concern you," said Batson.

And with the holiday break approaching there's higher concern for safety.

"We have an alarm that we've never used and this year we're figuring out how to use it so our stuff can be safe," said Solomon.

"I'm going to take most of my home, most of my stuff home," said Seale.

"It's just something that we have to look out for and be careful. I have a lot of girls that work for me and closing late at night is an issue and so just making sure that their not being, foolish with walking around outside back there," said Batson.

Anytime your walking to your car or your home police say your biggest weapon is your keys.

Always have your keys out and ready to go, and thread them through your fingers, so you can be prepared if there's an attack.

Police are also asking that students walk in groups and report anything that seems suspicious.


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