Waco needs a homeless family shelter

POSTED: Friday, September 24, 2010 - 1:52pm
UPDATED: Saturday, April 21, 2012 - 11:54am

Waco--  Homeless men and women in Waco have places to sleep at night, thanks to the several shelters in the area. However, what about the children who have no shelter to go to if they want their family to stay together? Homeless families are being forced to seperate because they do not have a common shelter they can all stay at.

When children are homeless, and living on the streets with their families, it effects every aspect of their lives. This effects their education, social skills, and basic everday hygeine. Vikki Sapp,a former homeless woman, with two children, in Waco, was separated from her kids when they had nowhere to stay together. Ms. Sapp said "It's something that is devastating for a child. Not to know where their going to wake up or where their next meal is coming from, and stuff like that, is not something a kid needs to be thinking about."

This problem has been recently increasing. Homeless mothers and fathers do not know where their children can sleep from one night to the next. Teri Holtkamp, the Homeless Administrator for Waco, says she has been receiving more calls recently of people inquiring about a family shelter because they are having to live on the streets with their children.

The Homelessness Administration in Waco is trying to get funding to put these families in a motel, or somewhere else, until a family shelter is built.  For more information regarding homelessness in Waco, visit www.missionwaco.org.


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