Whitney High School student brings a gun to school

POSTED: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 2:14pm
UPDATED: Friday, February 28, 2014 - 12:14pm

Waco-- A 15 year old student from Whitney High School brought a gun to school last Tuesday. The student had no intentions on using the gun at school, he was planning on selling it. When school officials caught word of the situation, they searched the boy and his belongings, however they did not find any evidence.

Officials said that on Thursday, another student reported to his parents that he had seen the gun in the school bathroom. When school officials were informed, they re-opened the investigation and the boy turned the gun in.

Gene Solis, Whitney Schools Superintendent said, they had the gun and the boy was suspended from last Thursday until today. He has a hearing today that will decide further discipline that will be decided by school authority.

On the other hand, the student could face felony charges and be placed in a juvenile detention center, said Whitney Police Chief, Jake Sullivan. His first felony would be burglary for breaking into his neighbors home Sunday night, and stealing their hand gun. His second charge would be for possession and bringing the weapon onto school property.

The student is currently in his parents' custody, however, that may change following the conclusion of the police investigation.


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Ha thats not good for him i live in whitney. What do these kids not understand about DONT BRING GUNS AND KNIFES TO SCHOOL. IM 13 AND I EVEN UNDER STAND DONT TOUCH YOUR GUNS WITHOUT TELLING ME I OWN MY OWN 12 gauge and colt 1911 and I'm not even that stupid but i also live super far out in to the country and had a hunters and gun course. If any one is having. trouble with a 1985 ford f150 I've learned how to even take a carburetor out.Ive ive learned everny thing i know from mydadbeforhepassedon

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