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Wildlife flock to cities as drought continues

POSTED: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 - 4:05pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

WACO -- Game Wardens are hoping last night's rain will help Central Texas wildlife.

As food and water deteriorates in their habitats, more animals are moving closer to our cities to find water and end up getting hurt.

A wildlife rehabilitation center in Robinson is taking in these rescued animals to give them some much needed help.

"All kinds of animals are coming in right now because it's just really tough out there," said Warden Kurt Slaughter.

Owner of the animal rehab, Jane Thomas, says it's just too dry for these animals.

"The wind with the drought, that wind has just been horrendous," said Thomas. "It's blowing babies out of nests, and you're getting a lot of dehydration."

Conditions leading more animals into the city.

"To try to find the proper nutrition, they're having to hustle a little harder, you know, moving a little more. The area is so dry they're just having to seek out areas to try to graze and try to feed," said Warden Slaughter.

Slaughter says unfortunately, the areas they choose are highly populated and dangerous.

They're flocking to highways to find food and water near the drainage ditches, causing accidents on the roads.

"They're moving a whole lot more. They are going to seek those areas out, and as a driver, you're going to have to be cautious. Especially at night when the deer are moving," said Slaughter.

The wildlife rehabilitation center runs solely on donations, and with more animals coming with the drought, they are asking for your help.

If you would like to donate, contact the Waco Humane Society and ask about the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Robinson, Texas.


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