Club Alazan surrenders liquor license

POSTED: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 12:58pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 9:13pm

After accumulating numerous charges and run-ins with the law, a Waco nightclub has surrendered its liquor license.

Club Alazan, located at 6512 Woodway Drive, officially lost its liquor license on January 2. The cancellation by the TABC stems from two charges of refilling liquor. Authorities say what they used to refill the liquor bottles is unknown. The first charge says club owners possessed un-invoiced liquor, which means the owners found ways around paying tax on their liquor purchases. And, the second charge is for possession of bottles with un-mutilated tax stamps, meaning the bottles were reused and refilled to serve alcohol.

Club Alazan’s last big incident occurred on October 14, when a man was fatally stabbed after leaving a party at the club. However, that is not the primary reason the liquor license was revoked.

“We had pending cases before the homicide took place outside the club,” said Lieutenant Victor Kuykendoll of TABC in Waco.

Waco Police also report to have responded to 17 assaults, five public intoxications, and 16 other calls, in the year leading up to the license revocation.

The cancellation of the liquor license does not mean the club has to close its doors, however, officials say the owners do not appear to want to reopen Club Alazan.

“They can still open tomorrow if they want to, but they would have to be a BYOB. To my understanding, they’re out of the alcohol industry business,” said Kuykendoll.

TABC still has four other charges pending against the club, including two that are assault-related, one charge for failure to report an assault, and one charge for failing to pay taxes to the state.

“We’ll likely end up dismissing those, seeing as they’re no longer in business,” said Kuykendoll.

Kuykendoll says TABC has received an application from a potential new owner for the club. However, TABC is still in the early stages of investigating the applicant. Kuykendoll says TABC is concerned about the club’s location and whether it is good to still have it around in the community.

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