Hanging dead animals were for art project, woman says

Monday, March 25, 2013 - 8:19am

GREENVILLE, SC (WHNS) -- A decomposing cat and dead squirrels hanging - that is what authorities said they found behind the home of a Greenville woman on Thursday morning.

Animal control officers charged Sheryl Boyke with failure to dispose of dead animals after neighbors called to complain. However, Boyke said she didn't do anything wrong.

"I'm not doing anything freakish," Boyke told FOX Carolina's Dana Wachter. "That's gross. That's kind of gross."

Boyke said the animals were roadkill that she found. She said the carcasses were gutted and hung outside to dry, so that she can use the bones in artwork.

"I've not killed anything," Boyke said. "There was a dead squirrel laying there. I have 12 cameras on my property. It's been [laying] there for two days."

A spokesman for animal control said Boyke told officers that she liked to "do experiments with the bodies." He said an ordinance requires the carcass of an animal must be properly disposed of within 48 hours.

"What the difference between this and this," Boyke said as she showed a collection of fur and antlers.

Boyke said animal control officers told her she must get rid of the dead, hanging animals by Friday, and she must pay a fine.

Animal control said that if Boyke doesn't comply, she could face more citations.

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