Arkansas man catches record breaking 11-hundred pound alligator

Saturday, September 28, 2013 - 3:23pm

An alligator hunter nabs the catch of the week, an 11-hundred pound, nearly 14 foot gator.

You're taught that attitude is everything.

"Not a good attitude for a hunter to go out expecting not to get one, but they're really tough to get up on,"

But despite the odds it happened.

"We thought we saw one that was worth pursuing."

13 feet 9 inches long and 11-hundred pounds. A record breaker by 6 inches.

"Honestly I thought I don't know what I'm going to do with this thing now that I have him,"

Only his second alligator hunt ever Drew Baker says he hurriedly worked to calm his nerves.

"We tried to position ourselves so that we could come up behind him. I had to put the dart on a very small window in his side."

He used a harpoon to do the job.

"Fits on the end of a pole, stick it in and that thing will fit sideways then this is attached to rope so I pulled him in fought him with a rope,"

He would hang with the gator working to tire it out.

"This one being as big as he is he just thought he was the king of the lake anyway. He wasn't going to be afraid of anybody."

Within 10 yards Baker hits the gator on target.

"All I could think about is Phil Nickelson and how he talks about trying to control his breathing."

And he did control his nerves, but once captured comes the task of how to move this gator.

"We just had to drag him in the water to get to shore because we couldn't get him in our boat."

He would use his truck to drag the nearly 14 footer off shore.

Baker estimates he'll get around 400 pounds of meat from his big catch.

He also says he would love to see the skins and head of the gator be on display at a museum in Arkansas.


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