B-CS tow companies say proposal jeopardizes their business

POSTED: Monday, December 24, 2012 - 4:27pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, December 25, 2012 - 3:51pm

For some Central Texas businesses this holiday season is a little blue thanks to a contract bid proposal by both the city of College Station and Bryan to eliminate their tow truck rotation list.

Now local wrecker companies are worried they might be put out of business.

After an accident, police and EMTs aren't the only ones who respond to the scene.

Wrecker companies also show up to clear the mess.

"Their dispatch center will call the next company on the rotation list and you have 30 minutes to respond," said Sandra Portzer, co-owner, Roadrunners Towing and Recovery. 

Currently there are around 32 wreckers in rotation in Bryan-College Station but that could be changing soon because both cities put out a contract proposal for only one company to provide towing and storage services in each city.

"We feel that our citizens will be better served with one company providing that service because we can build a stronger relationship if there's only one company that can provide it," said Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske. 

Sandra Portzer says if both councils approve this contract, it will be devastating.

"The majority of the companies here in town do depend on at least 50 percent of their income coming from rotation tows and what that'll do is put them out of business."

But Chief Eric Buske says this proposal would save taxpayers money and keep more officers on the streets, instead of inspecting tow trucks and storage facilities.

"We just want to provide the best quality of service to our citizens and that's the bottom line."

A final decision could be made as early as next month.


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