Bail set for man charged with shooting daughter

POSTED: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 3:12pm
UPDATED: Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 5:58pm

WHITNEY -- "I was very shocked that it's happening right here in this small town, we just don't have stuff like that going on around here."

This is the reaction of most people living in and around Whitney after a local teenager was shot and killed in the back, allegedly by her own father.

"What was so bad that he felt that he had to shoot her like that? It's sad."

Edwin Collins, 40, may have believed someone was trying to hurt him and his family. So he took Judith, 14, Logan, 11 and Alex, 17, in a mini-van toward the family store "Collins Hitching Post" on FM 933 and 1713, with a 12-gauge shotgun in hand.

Once outside the store Collins told his kids to move, but when Judith screamed, he shot in her direction, shooting her in the back when she was standing only 10 feet away.

 "There's just no way of knowing who's going to do what at any one time."

Collins went to the Hill County Sheriff's Office and admitted to deputies he shot his daughter and his son led them to her body in a field right outside the store.

Judith's body has been sent to Dallas for autopsy and Collins is behind bars with his bail set at 5 million dollars.  

But the question still stands as to whether or not the shooting was accidental.



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