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BBB warns of political phone scams

POSTED: Monday, October 8, 2012 - 3:25pm
UPDATED: Monday, October 15, 2012 - 9:47am

BRYAN -- November elections are quickly approaching and while we'll see more and more political adds on TV the Better Business Bureau says you also could start getting more phone calls.

But before you donate to a political party or campaign think twice.

Political ads are just a part of the campaigning process but the upcoming election is less than 30 days away so Bill McGuire, president of the Bryan-College Station Better Business Bureau, says be on the lookout for those trying to take advantage of your political viewpoints.

"The scammers will use these hot topic buttons to get your attention," said McGuire. "They want to hear from you but really they don't. They just want to separate you from your money."

And one way these scammers are doing that is by calling you pretending to be someone affiliated with a political party.

McGuire said one thing they'll tell you is, "Obama is going to pay your utility bill for you. That's not going to happen but they may be able to convince you that you have the possibility to get a check and who wouldn't want a check that they weren't expecting?"

However, if the deal seems too good to be true, then it most likely is so watch out for red flags.

"When they ask you for your bank routing number or something else to identify you with like your social security number because if they have that then they can get money out of your account without you even knowing about it for some time."

McGuire says if this happens to you the best thing to do is hang up or say you're not interested.

But if you do happen to fall victim to these scammers, file a complaint with the BBB and police.

Also, if you gave out your financial information, go ahead and cancel the accounts.


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I did get that utility bill scam call. Told me Obama's helping me pa my bills because I paid my taxes on time. But I was suspicious so I refused to give the caller my information. When I looked up the phone number a few minutes later, it came up at There were already 15 complaints posted on there. Apparently, the scammer has been making the rounds recently.

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