BCS residents volunteer on Thanksgiving to give back

POSTED: Thursday, November 28, 2013 - 6:30pm
UPDATED: Thursday, November 28, 2013 - 11:20pm

For these volunteers, Thanksgiving isn't a day to relax...it's a day to give back.

"Everyone is here, everyone is happy," said first time volunteer Taft Manzotti. "I think it's just great that people will come together to help someone that doesn't have as much as them."

Manzotti is just one of about 200 volunteers at Epicures Catering Thursday who helped prepare 1,200 Thanksgiving Day feasts to hand out for the 30th Annual Thanksgiving in the Brazos.

Danny Morrison, owner of Epicures, says it's the least he can do, "It's something I can do to give away, you know, I can give back to the community because I'm so blessed to be here."

But Morrison says it wouldn't be possible without the help from volunteers like Manzotti or Bryan High School senior, Joseph Newton, who's been volunteering every year since he was about seven.

"I've always wanted to help the community in whatever way I can so when I heard about this, even when I was younger, I immediately hopped on board," Newton tells us.

Once the food was ready, the volunteers loaded up their cars and hit the road to hand deliver the food.

A simple gesture of kindness to say...

"Happy Thanksgiving!"

"It's definitely an emotional moment when we open up that door and the people see we're just there to give them food just out of  our generosity," said Newton. "It's definitely a special moment."


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