Biden ties Boston and Texas heartbreak to Newtown

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Sunday, April 21, 2013 - 10:07am

Vice President Joe Biden spoke Saturday about the loss of life this week at the Boston Marathon and the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion, passionately explaining that news of one loss "brings home immediately, vividly the moment you learned of your loss."

After noting the deaths in Massachusetts and Texas, Biden recalled the December massacre at the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school, saying those instances showed the "incredible resilience, heroism, commitment and love of the people who responded to these tragedies."

"Whether it was a fertilizer plant in West, Texas or those folks in Boston, those innocent, innocent children who were mangled by a senseless act of terror, along with the adults who lost their lives and limbs," such deaths are tragic, he said at a dinner held by the Michigan Democratic Party.

After Newtown, he said the country was gripped by "So much carnage, so much pain, so much uh -- so much uh -- asking of ourselves what's happened? What can we do about all of this?"

The killing there of 20 young students and six adults at the school led him to spearhead the Obama administration's gun control effort.

Biden also chastized the Republicans behind ballot access efforts last year.

"We're never going to yield to the will of the Republicans throughout this country who want to suppress ... the continued attempt to suppress the minority vote in this country, which is the single most un-American thing any party has done," he said. "It is un-American to suppress the vote.

"And by the way coming out of the civil rights movement, you want to make sure folks vote, try to tell them they can't vote," he continued. "Think of what it's become if you think the only way you can win is stop people from voting or making it harder."


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