Bryan ISD addresses sport saftey concerns

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 5:39pm

It's estimated that high school athletes account for nearly two-million injuries and more than 30,000 hospital visits every year.

And while sudden death injuries like cardiac arrest or brain injuries are rare, they do happen.

David Wilganowski was a top-notch defensive end for the Rudder Rangers and an early recruit for the Rice Owls but his life changed forever last year during the second game of the season.

"Unexpectedly while I was on the field my heart stopped."

Quick action from the BISD trainers saved David's life but his athletic career ended before it ever really began.

"For me, it was really tough at first because the doctors were very unsure of what could have caused this," David said.

His story is rare but it does happen. That's why the Bryan ISD's sports medicine team held a meeting for parents Monday night to discuss health and safety in student athletes.

"A lot of time the message doesn't go home when we talk to the athlete," said head athletic trainer for Rudder, Jamie Woodall. "And a lot of times when we do talk to the parents, it's after an injury has already occurred."

The panel discussed injuries that can lead to sudden death like cardiac arrest, concussions and even heat illnesses.

Joe Menjares, a parent of four athletes, said he's glad the trainers are taking a pro-active approach.

"They [student athletes] want to play, they don't want to tell you they're hurt. Having the parents be educated and know what to look for, as far as their symptoms and signs of how they're feeling, in order to tell the trainers right away what's going on is a big help."

All in an effort to make sure Bryan's student athletes stay healthy and injury free on and off the field.


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