Butcher selling 'pot infused pork'

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 6:01pm

Marijuana infused pork?

It's a real delicacy that a butcher in Seattle is serving up in the city's famed Pike Place Market.

Inside a Seattle icon you'll find some of the sweetest sounds and even sweeter tastes.

But in the place where "Rachel the pig" beckons visitors to fatten her with their spare change, it's a different, divine swine making headlines today.

Deep inside the meat locker at the oldest butcher in pike place market, there's a new "meat" high on the hooks.

We made bacon out of them.

You might call it "smoked..."

Since this porker was fed pot.

Butcher William Von Schneidau has been experimenting with meat for a while now, but can't remember how he came up with the idea to make "stoned swine."

He took the leftovers from a medical marijuana grower, had it fed to pigs, and soon, they were here in his shop bringing a whole new meaning to the idea of the "pot-bellied porker."

A popular run in march put the "pot pigs" on the map.

He plans to experiment more in the coming months.

A meaty issue, now on the menu, in this city ruled by the sea.


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