City of Bryan trying to collect money owed to them in unpaid fines

POSTED: Monday, July 30, 2012 - 4:15pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 7:22pm

BRYAN -- A heads up if you owe money to the city of Bryan.

Whether it's an unpaid parking ticket or a fine, the city is taking action to get the $2 million they're owed by hiring a collection agency.

Getting a ticket isn't cheap and now, it'll cost you even more in the city of Bryan if you don't pay up.

"30 percent is going to be added to their cases so if you have a balance of $200.00, 30 percent of that is going to be an additional $60.00 that's passed on to the defendant," said court administrator, Hilda Cuthbertson.

Every year hundreds of people don't pay their fines and unfortunately for the city, that adds up to more than $2 million but Cuthbertson hopes their contract with a collection agency will encourage you to pay before your fine is due.

"As time goes on and we meet certain legal deadlines, the fees do not decrease, in fact they'll increase with time and plus you run the risk of being arrested."

So the best way to avoid jail time and more costly fines?

"Taking care of business on a timely basis is the best policy for anyone," said Cuthbertson.

The contract comes at no cost to the city and both Brazos County and College Station use the same collection agency vendor.

The contract renewal will last for a year.


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