City of College Station to offer game day parking

POSTED: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 4:30pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 9:01pm

Kyle Field may be empty now but in just four short days the stadium will be packed and that means with more than 80,000 fans in attendance, it'll be nearly impossible to find a place to park.

"Personally when we go to the game we park at a friends house about three miles from the stadium and we don't mind walking."

Kelly Kelbly with College Station's Parks and Recreation Department says on game days because parking is such a hot commodity, it was causing some issues at City Hall and the Conference Center.

"What we discovered was that other organizations were going in and taking over those lots and charging exorbitant rates," Kelbly said.

So now the city is getting into the business of game day parking.

On football weekends the city will allow fans to park at City Hall and the College Station Conference Center for just $10 bucks per car.

And if you have an RV the city has a parking spot for you too at Tarrow Park.

"The parks department, as a whole, started getting a lot of calls asking if we had RV parking and most of these lots do sit vacant on the weekends so if we can offer it, we'll do it," said Kelbly.

To park here it'll cost you $30 bucks a day.

The only stipulation is that you cannot camp outside and you can only stay parked there for up to three days.

Kelbly says if you want to park at Tarrow make sure you get a parking permit by 5:00 the Friday before. To find out how you can park at Tarrow, click here.

We're also told a portion of the money collected from parking fees will be given to the Boys and Girls Club...a win-win solution benefiting everyone involved.


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