Controversy: Austin plastic bag ban goes into effect

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 6:03pm

Austin, Texas is the latest city to implement a ban on plastic bags Friday. Several other cities in Texas also have bans or fees on plastic bags.

A new bag and a new routine for Austinite Dayly Dickenson. Her early morning grocery run is one of the first since Austin's new bag ban went into effect.

"For what I have now it would probably take two bags normally," said Dickenson.

Shopper Carlo Cruz and his wife started stocking up on free reusable bags given out by one store earlier this week and you can hold better.

"The other ones sometimes tear up and stuff like that, make a mess," said one shopper.

But even its fans admit the ban has its drawbacks, having enough bags for some people might be a challenge.

"I definitely think it'll take more time just because you have to be more efficient about packing the bags," said another shopper.

Then there's remembering to bring them. Most of the people we saw both inside and outside of this grocery store were walking out with reusable bags the store was giving away for free.

"I think it's a good cause, I just always forget," said a customer.

Reporter: "Do you think people are going to remember?"

Interviewee: "Um, maybe, maybe not. I really don't think it'll be that much a hassle once people get in the habit of putting it in their car. Because I'm married, it's totally different. My wife can go out with me, say hey, don't forgot the bag, but a single person probably they will."

Austin's plastic bag ban, like similar bans in other cities, is not without controversy.

The Texas Retailers Association has filed a lawsuit against the city. It argues Austin does not have the authority to enact the ordinance and that it violates state law.


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