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Coulter Airfield getting new runway lights

POSTED: Friday, November 23, 2012 - 3:35pm
UPDATED: Monday, November 26, 2012 - 3:58pm

Quite a few upgrades and renovations are in the works for Bryan's Coutler Airfield thanks to a little help from TxDOT's aviation division.

Lauren Holman explains why these improvements are not only necessary but also how they'll help generate more revenue for the airport in the future.

If you've flown in and out of Coulter Airfield lately you may have noticed the runway is missing its lights.

"In July we had a lightning strike and the lightning strike hit something in our lighting system which took out transformers, regulators and different things like that so we're without runway lights which means planes cant fly in in inclement weather or at nighttime," said City of Bryan economic development director, Kevin Russell.

So George Georgiades, who's been flying out of Coulter for the past 8 years for business, has had to cut back on his trips.

"As it gets darker earlier it's important to be able to see where your runway is when you're coming in and we come in at night frequently."

Now thanks to a $633,000 grant from the TxDOT aviation department, the runway lights will be replaced, which means more business for the airport.

"We have 24-hour access to both of our fuel types and without lights on the runway people can't get fuel 24 hours because they can't fly into our airport," Russell said.

The airport's biggest source of revenue comes from fuel sales.

Russell tells us that over the next three years the city plans on making around $3 million in additional improvements so even more pilots like George Georgiades will choose to fly out of Coulter.

"I prefer this over College Station because there's a lot less traffic," said Georgiades


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