Crickets invading Central Texas

Friday, June 22, 2012 - 2:58pm

WACO -- Crickets have invaded Central Texas and for the time being, they're not going anywhere.

From businesses to homes, to yards these noisy critters are taking over.

Professionals tell us it's because of the mild winter, extra rain and now warm temperatures that have them thriving.

But there are ways to keep them out of your way.

"looking for a long term solution, then bait is a great way. If you can apply granular bait around the structure, especially around vegetation or shrubs or trees, that will help cut down on them as well," BugsDotCom exterminator, Patrick Baldwin said.

Pest controllers also recommend checking the weather stripping around your doors.

If crickets do get inside your home, they'll look for fruits and vegetables as well as wool and silk to eat and destroy.


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