CS reclaims 25 million gallons of drinking water

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 4:35pm

COLLEGE STATION -- We may have had plenty of rain the past few months but there's always the threat of another drought this summer.

That's why a lot of areas are conserving resources now like College Station.

The city is actually reclaiming a water system that will save 25-million gallons of drinking water every year.

Imagine Kyle Field under 57 feet of water, about twice the height of the goal posts.

Well, that's exactly how much the city of College Station will save thanks to a new reclaimed water system at Veteran's Park.

"It's the first time that we have a reclaimed water operations on a grand scale here in College Station," said Jennifer Nations, College Station's water resource coordinator. "Every gallon of reclaimed water that we use represents one gallon of drinking water saved."

The system will use the city's wastewater as a way to irrigate nine soccer and five softball fields at the park.

And director of parks and recreation, David Schmitz, says it will keep the fields in pristine playing condition.

"We estimate with the 30 plus events we hold out here that's around $10 million in economic impact to the community so this is a big big deal."

And since the water is reused, that means the city will save enough of our drinking water to fill up a 12 ounce water bottle 250 million times.

The new 480,000 gallon storage tank is only phase one of the water reclamation operation.

The city hopes to expand the system to help irrigate some of their other parks.


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