CSFD Station No. 2 evacuated because of chemical

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 4:23pm

The roles were reversed for College Station firefighters at Station No. 2 Tuesday afternoon.

The fire department was evacuated for about an hour while firefighters dealt with a hazmat situation.

An inspector with the Brazos County Health Department brought a chemical, aluminum phosphide, to the station after finding it in a local restaurant.

Officials say the chemical, which was in a tablet form, is extremely reactive with air and water so all safety measures were taken as a precaution.

"We'll do what we call an over pack," said Bart Humphreys with CSFD. "We'll take the material put it in another container, put absorbent material around it since it is so reactive with water and air and then seal it up in the can so we can transport it somewhere safe."

The health department says the chemical was found at the BCS Asian Market in College Station during a routine inspection.

Once the fire department contained the aluminum phosphide, it was handed over to the DSHS for safe disposal.


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