During annual routine testing Temple VA discovers Legionella bacteria in one building

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Friday, June 6, 2014 - 5:55am

During routine Legionella bacterium water testing at Central Texas Veterans Health Care System (CTVHCS) at its Temple Campus, reports received last week, revealed positive results for Legionella pneumophila serotype 1 in one building. No cases of Legionnaires’ disease have been detected.

The Facts:

As prescribed by the Legionella VA Directive 2008-010, Central Texas Veterans Health Care System conducts annual testing for Legionella bacteria. Per this directive, remediation measures are being put into action and routine testing will be ongoing.

In Buildings 147 (outpatient Mental Health), 158 (Vocational Rehabilitation), 163 (Teague Tower), and 202 (Domiciliary), no positive cultures for Legionella pneumophila serotype 1 were discovered. Legionella pneumophila serotype 1 is the bacterium known to cause Legionnaire’s Disease (LD).

Two sinks in Building 146 (outpatient Mental Health and Music Therapy) had low level non-pneumophila Legionella which rarely causes disease in normal adults.

In Building 221 (Community Living Center-CLC), Wings A and C results revealed
no positive cultures.

In Building 221 (CLC), Wings B and D results revealed positive cultures for Legionella pneumophila serotype 1 in four rooms.

Building 204 (Teague Hospital) was tested this week, and we are awaiting test results.
CLC residents and their families as well as Congressional and Veteran Service Organization stakeholders have been notified or are in the process of being notified of these test results.
Our physicians and nurses will continue heightened vigilance for Legionnaires ’ disease signs and symptoms with active surveillance of all pneumonia cases to identify any possible cases.

For patients displaying symptoms, we will use recommended rapid, same day urine test to rule out Legionnaires' disease.

We will be setting town hall meetings at various times and locations in Temple to discuss questions and concerns with our employees: The Director and Chief of Infectious Disease will be on hand to answer their questions and concerns.

The infection risk to individuals is very low in the present circumstance, because the bacteria are normally transmitted by aerosol through inhalation.


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