E. Coli outbreak traced to College Station Mexican restaurant

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 4:55pm

Tracking the source of a potentially deadly strand of e. Coli hasn't been easy but it's a case the Brazos County Health Department has been actively working on ever since five people contracted the O157:H7 strand nearly a month ago.

"If I asked you to tell me everything you ate or drank last month on the 15th and where you bought it from and did you have lemon in your tea, you know that can make it a really tricky puzzle that takes a lot of work," said Dr. Eric Wilke with the Brazos County Health Department.

But after weeks of investigating, the Brazos County Health Departments believes the outbreak came from ground beef at the Coco Loco restaurant located off George Bush Drive that left five people sick.

Two of those five confirmed cases were a pair of young brothers who had to be hospitalized due to complications.

Another five are suspected to have gotten the bacteria but their cases could never be confirmed.

Dr. Eric Wilke believes that the restaurant is safe to eat at. He even proved that by eating a beef taco in front of the media at the press conference Tuesday.

"Everything I've seen from that restaurant; the way they've been participating and been involved with the inspections, I'd have no problem taking my family there to eat."

While it still isn't completely clear how the contamination happened, Dr. Wilke tells us the restaurant has been extremely cooperative throughout the entire investigation process to ensure something like this never happens again.

We asked to speak with Coco Loco management but they declined to go on camera.



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