Father, daughter reunited in surprise homecoming

Friday, October 25, 2013 - 5:47pm

Excited about their field trip, 5-year-old Ava Vargas, has just returned back to school.

She and her classmates think the media is here to talk to them about what they learned on their trip.

"We went to the farm patch," said Ava.

Ms. Choppa, her teacher asks, "What did we do there?"

"We looked at pumpkins," Ava tells us. 

Little does she know she's about to get the biggest surprise of her life when someone special walks through her classroom door.

Fannin Elementary School Principal, Mr. Fellows says, "You know what, there is someone here that needs to see Ava. Let me go get them."

Ava sits patiently and before she knows it her dad walks in, "Daddy!" 

Ms. Choppa, "Boys and girls, that's Ava's dad!"

Gone on deployment in Okinawa, Japan, Sergeant Eddie Vargas and his wife, wanted to surprise Ava and that's exactly what they did Friday afternoon.

Ava's mom, Ashley Vargas said she was worried, "You know, I didn't know if she was going to cry. I wasn't quite sure how it would make her react but I was definitely excited for it."

Ava was in disbelief, "Well I was surprised he was here because I haven't gotten to see him in forever."

Gone for the past two years to be exact.

Sergeant Vargas said seeing her for the first time was indescribable, "My heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest. I was just so anxious to see her."

Now that the family of three is reunited once again, Sergeant Vargas tells us their plan is to move to Houston where he'll be stationed as a U.S. Marine Corp recruiter for the next two years.

And as for Ava? The thing she's most looking forward to doing with her dad is....

"Well I want to go shopping with him."

Her mom laughs, "You want him to buy you things?

"Yes," Ava exclaims. 


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