Gatesville gun teacher accused of cutting corners

Coryell County Jail
POSTED: Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 1:37pm
UPDATED: Saturday, November 30, 2013 - 12:40pm

A Gatesville concealed handgun instructor has been released from jail, following his June 27 arrest for reportedly tampering with governmental records.

Adam Fitzer is accused of certifying students without having them complete all required instruction at the Texas Weapons Instructors School, where he worked. Fitzer is also accused of not filing required paperwork with the Department of Public Safety. The investigation was tipped off by the Hicksville Gun Range owner, who reportedly told investigators certificates were issued to students but he had no record they'd completed all required instruction.

KWKT previously interviewed Fitzer in January when he attended a Temple ISD schoo l board meeting regarding whether or not teachers should be allowed to carry handguns. In the interview, he discussed how teachers can use the school to their advantage, with or without the use of a gun.

"A person can be trained in a short time. It's just a matter of how dedicated they are to continuing the training," said Fitzer.


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After Coryell county appraisers came out and told JD Hicks to tear down a multi thousand dollar "shoot house" that he and Fitzer were working on, Hicks and Fitzer had a falling out.

I got my CHL from Adam Fitzer, and he is a good guy. Trained me right, did not cut any corners or break any laws. Most boring time of my life, but was still legal.

Accusations against Fitzer are complete bull, probably fabricated as a result of the failed building venture.

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