GRAPHIC: Kids taken away from mom who held bloody knife to child's throat

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 5:15pm

EDITOR'S NOTE: The children's names and relatives' names are being withheld to protect their well being. This story may not be suitable for all audiences, due to its graphic nature.

Casey Olford, who was arrested earlier this month for allegedly holding a bloody knife to her child's throat, lost custody of her children in an Angelina County courtroom Tuesday.

According to Child Protective Services Spokeswoman Sheri Pulliam, the two children were handed over to their father, two separate men, and the youngest child, who reportedly had a knife to her neck, was granted a two year protective order, which will prevent all contact with Olford.

The oldest child's father was awarded Temporary Managing Conservatorship, and the maternal grandmother was granted visitation, but the mother can have no contact.

Olford was arrested on February 3 after allegedly sending pictures to relatives with a bloody knife to her daughter's throat.

According to an arrest affidavit, one of the fathers and a grandmother showed two text messages to police received around 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. from Olford that read, "ITS N THA TRASH U TOO. HOPE YALL HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR [CHILD'S NAME] FUNERAL."

The second message contained a graphic picture displaying the child on the floor crying with a large chef knife held under her throat with blood smeared on her chin and the knife.

When authorities arrived at the scene, officers found Mrs. Olford and questioned her about the messages. The mother denied ever taking any pictures of that nature and told police she would never hurt her kids.

During this time, the victim and her older brother were in the apartment safe and eating. The victim was also wearing the same blue shirt as in the threatening photo.

The responding officer was able to find scratches and bruises on both children, none of which appeared to be fresh injuries. No cuts or scratches were noticeable on either child's neck.

During continued questioning, Mrs. Olford admitted to mental health issues and reported the father had recently dumped her and moved out, leaving her alone with the kids. Olford was then taken into custody and placed in a patrol car.

At this time, officers searched the apartment and found two knives similar to the one used in the graphic photo. They also found two phones inside the home. All the items were confiscated as evidence. Police also kept the victim's shirt for their records.

At that time, the children were turned over to family members.

Before being taken to the Angelina County Jail, Olford told the arresting officers that she did hold the knife under the child's neck and that the blood was not from the child, but from her menstrual cycle.

The suspect claims she acted out of a poor mental state and was soon after booked into the jail on aggravated assault. She was released Monday on $10,000 bond.

Pulliam tells KETK the case will be closed on CPS' end and authorities will continue their investigation into the criminal side of the incident.

Any future appeals will be presented before a judge and CPS will not be involved.


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